Script for Specifications Meeting

*NOTE – You may have some of the information already filled out on the spec sheet. If you do, skip over those parts and make sure you take note of everything in the appropriate sections. Utilize the “Additional Notes” column for all notes! Be sure to only mark a “Y” or an “N” in the Display field and Required field columns and use the other columns for clarification.

** NOTE – Make sure you have the demo form they selected as the one they like open for them to see as you move through the questions.

“Thank you for taking the time today to help me gather the specifications needed for your new web payment portal.” *NOTESome clients like to have a little small talk before jumping in, some do not, so be sure to feel them out and keep the “dead air” to a minimum.

“Jumping in here, my first question is: Do you have a logo that you use for your company?”

** IF YES **

“Great, we would just need you to send us a copy of that, in a high resolution format, to our projects team at“. *NOTEBe sure to make note on the spec sheet while speaking to the client, it keeps them from having to repeat themselves.

** IF NO **
“That’s no problem. Do you have a specific font or colors you like? We can just use stylized fonts for the logo area with your company name.” *NOTE If they don’t have a logo, be sure to add any preferences in the “additional notes” section of the spec sheet.

“How about a website? Does your company have a website that you’d like for us to style the web payment form after?” *NOTEIf they don’t have a logo, they still may have a website, one is not indicative of the other.

** IF YES **

“Great, what is the web address for that?” *NOTEadd the url to the “additional notes” column in this row.

** IF NO **

“No problem, we will just use the colors and logo (if there was one…otherwise just say you can use the colors and fonts they chose) as a general guideline on the style of the payment portal.” * NOTEJust use your best judgement on which way to ask this question.

“On the landing page, would you like to have the terms and requirements check box have to be checked before the debtor is able to move on to the form?” *NOTEWe always do the terms/conditions page as the landing page…just mark that as “Y” and ask about the check box.

“And will you be accepting credit cards AND checks, just credit cards, or just checks?” *NOTEThis should already be known, but just in case it isn’t, be sure to ask again anyhow.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** – Do not ask about the recurring payments unless they have already brought it up. We are pushing for the recurring payments to be on the iKey format.

“Great, and would you like to have the debtor receive an email receipt? Please know, that if you select yes here, in order for them to receive the receipt, they would have to put in their email address. Now, we can handle this in several ways. First: We can make the email field a required field. Second: We can put a little note below the email label stating that in order to receive an email receipt, they need to put in a valid email address. Or finally, we can put a little icon off to the side of the input field that when hovered over, a popup or “tooltip” would appear and tell them that an email is required in order to receive an email receipt.” *NOTEIf they answer before you explain the options, be sure to explain them afterwards if they say yes…if they do not want that option, be sure to inform them that we can add a “print” button on the results page that would allow the debtor to print or save their receipts.

“Is there a minimum payment you would like to accept? Some of our existing clients like to do this to make sure they are covering the cost of accepting the payment online. You can set it to as little as 1 penny or as much as you like. What we see most commonly is a minimum payment of $1.00.”

“Do you plan on charging a convenience fee?”


** IF YES **

“Great, and did you want to charge that according to state?”


“Just so you know, we do not keep up on the states that allow convenience fees and which ones do not. If you find that there is a new state that does or doesn’t, you would have to reach out to us to update the convenience fee script.”

“Would you like to charge that as a flat rate? Or as a percentage?” *NOTEBe sure to note their preference next to the [fee account] note in the additional notes column.


“Would you like to charge that as a flat rate, or percentage?” *NOTEBe sure to note their preference next to the [fee account] note in the additional notes column.


“And would you like to have a contact link or button for questions that your debtors may have?”


** IF YES **

“What email would you like listed?” *NOTEIt is a good idea to have them send this in the verbiage for the landing page.

“Great, and just one more quick note; be sure to send the verbiage you want on this landing page, as well as your mini-miranda in a word or text document to

** NOTE – Ask if they have any questions so far, before moving on to the form page itself. If they do, answer them to the best of your ability, if you don’t know the answer try to find someone who does and get them the answer as quickly as possible.

“Awesome, now let’s move onto the form itself. Please note that we will make sure that your logo (or colors and font) match the landing page for continuity. If you notice, here in the top section, we have the payment summary information. So I would like to go field-by-field and make sure we have everything you need and want before moving on to the next section. Also, remember, you can change what the label is (the label is the text off to the left that says what the field is for), how it is worded, you can take away fields, add fields, this is all up to you. *NOTE At this point, you already know for a fact that they need payment date and payment amount, and you should know whether or not they want a convenience fee as we asked for that information while on the landing page. So just move on to Total Charge and mark all of the previous ones as “Y” or “N” accordingly.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Be sure to ask them if each field needs to be a required field as you go along! We don’t want to have to go back through it a second time just to ask them about required fields.

** NOTE ** If they are charging a convenience fee, you ask about the total charge field, if not, skip it and mark it as “N”.

“Since you are charging a convenience fee, would you like to have a total charge field that would automatically figure up and display the total amount that the debtors card will be charged?” *NOTEMake any additional notes they mention.

“Would you like to have the client number field?”


“Would you like to keep it labeled as client number? We have some clients who like to change this to reference number or account number depending on what they call it in house.” *NOTEIf they want to change the label, add this to the “to be displayed as” column. Add any additional notes they may have that might be relevant to the creation of the form.

“How about the client IP address?”

** NOTE ** Sometimes the client asks for what purpose this serves, it is just an added security measure as it captures their approximate location.

“And how about the description field? Some of our clients like to use this field for other things, like if they have several accounts they collect for, they may use this field for that purpose, and label it accordingly. It can be used for anything or be removed entirely.” *NOTEWe really push the fact that we want to collect any and all information they need to minimize the chance of charge backs.

“Is there any other field or fields you would like to add to the payment summary section?”


** IF YES **

“Great and what field(s) would you like to add?” *NOTEThe last row in this section of the spec sheet is blank, feel free to make your notes there for now, but be sure to transfer them to the bottom “additional notes” section before sending the specification sheet out to client and APS projects team.

“The credit card fields are all pretty standard, I am assuming you want all the fields to be required?” *NOTEMost of the time they will say yes and you can move on. If they don’t, just take note of the fields that aren’t required.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** If they are accepting checks, go through the check section much the same way you did the payment summary section, just one field at a time, taking note of whether or not they want each field to be required.

“Before moving on to the billing information section, do you have any questions so far?” *NOTEanswer any questions you can, and find the answers out to ones you don’t know.

“In the billing information section you can ask for as much or as little information as you want to.”

** NOTE **
Just go through and ask about each field listed in the spec sheet, taking note of whether they want those to be required or whether they want to change something or add something.

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