How to pull Chargeback data from MeS

    • Choose “Risk Reports” from the Main Menu
    • Choose “Chargeback Risk Details” from the Risk Reports Menu
    • Change date range for from to today’s date (except on Monday’s or days when the office has been closed – in those instances, run the report from the day after the last day the office was open, so on Mondays it would be pulled from Saturday to today’s date)
    • Click “select”
    • You will then get the details on the screen, which include the merchant’s contact info and chargeback stats
    • Click the “Download Report” hyperlink from the top right of the screen
    • Once you have the Excel spreadsheet open, expand all of the columns so that all of the data is visible
    • Then on columns A & J, please click at the top of the column to highlight the column and change to number format, then drop the decimal point and 2 zeroes by using the “.00->.0” button below the format dropdown
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