ForteVerify Level 4

ForteVerify Level 4 (negative database)

This service searches a large national database for any negative reports against the account in question. If there are negative reports, the type of report (i.e., NSF) and a phone number for inquiries will be included in the response in the pg_preauth_neg_report field.

The service uses an online inquiry service against a very large experiential database that includes information on 158 million accounts. This database is usually used for accounts that do not participate in ForteVerify. 130 million contain positive information and 28 million contain negative information.

The only definitive responses received from ForteVerify Level 4 are:

P20 There records of one or more are previous bad transactions or checks not reimbursed or “made good

P21 There were no reports of previous bad transactions or checks in the database

A force can be set up and used to make the system ignore a P20 response. To set up a force, contact Payments Gateway customer service.

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